Terms and conditions for renting a kayak without a instructor​

Many things can go wrong on the water, so it is important to that the safety rules are followed. that why it is important, you stay up to date on safety regulations, Before you set sail.

You are allowed to sail in kayak most places in Denmark,  but there are limitations,  Especially om streams and close to bird sanctuaries. The limitations apply to the sailing itself but, to an even greater extent, where it is allowed to go ashore.

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To provide the best possible service and for your own safety , we ask you to comply with the following:

  • If the windspeed i more than 8 m/s we reserve the right to cancel the rental agreement, unless you can prove you are experienced.
  • The water temperature must be over 4 degrees unless you have a  dry suit.
  • When renting kayaks, the renter must sign a valid rental contract.
  • the amount for rent and bookings for fishing trips and the deposit must be prepaid.
  • That you are more than 18 years old or have an adult with you.
  • Avoid crossing the sailing channel.
  • Always stay close til land
  • Remember a water proof bag for your mobile phone , in case of an emergency.
  • Remember to bring water and food/snacks for the trip.
  • It is your own responsibility to know the rules for sailing.
  • All safety procedures must be followed.
  • Alway wear life jacket in our kayaks.
  • All kayaks are emptied of water and cleaned upon delivery.
  • The rental company is responsible for the equipment.


You must be able to swim, an have some basic skills so you can control the kayak.

Always check the weather forecast.

Read the weather forecast dmi.dk

Take care of nature

Avoid sailing in reed forest og spare the brinks upon going on land.

As a starting point are the lakes and  streams are open for sailing for small vessels without motors, if it doesn´t harm the stream or for other peoples  hunting or fishing.

However, this does not apply if the authorities have made other rules.

Always remember the lokal rules, before you head out on the water.

Have a good trip

Sincerely Anders Dalby

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About  Comfort Adventures

Comfort Adventures is a company that arranges Teambuilding Events

and rents out sit on top pedal kayaks.

The advantage of these kayaks is that after 5 minuts instruction you are ready for departure.

That means that almost everyone can sail in these kayaks. 

Also children over 150cm accompanied by an adult person. 

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