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Arresø Tour​

Arresø is Denmarks largest lake measured by area. the  lake is located in north Zealand  og has an outlet to   Roskilde Fjord threw  Arresø channel in Frederiksværk. there is a long line of outets to  Arresø, where Pøleå is the most significant. 

along Arresø west side there are several ridges, for example  Maglehøj by Frederiksværk and Arrenakke Bakker, from where there is a fine view of the lake. East from Frederiksværk the peninsula Arrenæs stretches out into Arresø.

Arresø tour startes in the beautiful Arresødal where the sailing will take place threw  Ågabet. we will sail by Dronning holm castle which was a danish medieval castle, plantet by the inlet in Nordsjælland, which would later become Arresø. And if you are lucky, you have the opportunity to see beavers.

The  route  approx. 10 km long.

Duration approx. 3 hours

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click on the image for larger view of the route

Esrum Tour​

Esrum is the largest lake in Denmark by water volume and the second-largest lake by surface area, after lake Arresø. It is situated in the central part of North Zealand, the northeastern region of Zealand, straddling the boundaries of the municipalities Hillerød, Fredensborg, Helsingør and Gribskov, some 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen. the lake has tree characteristic bays  in the northern end at the small bay Møllekrogen in south end. The lake has a characteristic  shape with relative steep slopes and a big, even bottom area with a maximum depth is, 18-22 meters.

Inflow to the lakes are small.  Outflow to Esrum stream is in the lakes northern end.

The tour starts from Sørup harbor where we will sail into  Esrum lake . we wil among other things sail past  Fredensborg Palace garden.  Is the weather is good, then bring your swimwear and finish off with a dip in the lake.

The route is approx. . 9 km long.

Duration  approx. . 3 hours​.

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Frederikssund Tour​

Frederikssund municipality is a municipality in northern Zealand, that also is located  Horns herred under the capital Region. Frederiksund  is located next to  Roskilde fjord.

The tour starts by the old bridge in frederiksund, and sail past Marbæk beach, and then on to  

Kron prinsesse Marys brigde , And from there the trip goes back again. 

The route  is approx  10 km lang.

Duration approx . 3 hours.

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Hundested Tour​

Hundested is a  fishing village in North Zealand with  a population of 8.660, located on the penisula  in  Torup Parish . The city is located in  Halsnæs municipality og ligger in  the capital Region.

The tour  starter by Hundested harbor. On this tour we wil sail The house of  Knud Rasmussens  and lynes Harbor. This tour is  approx. 12 km long. After the tour, There are many good places to eat at  Hundested harbor.

The route  is approx. 12 km long.

Duration approx. 3 hours

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Nordkysten Tour​

Liseleje is a coastal town in  i Northern Zealand with a population of 2.496, 7 kilometer north  of Frederiksværk, and out to Kattegat. the town belongs til the capital region and is located in Halsnæs municipality.

The tour starts  by Liseleje beach . On this route you can experience one of Denmarks most beautiful coastal stretches, clean sand and big rock reefs. We will sail to Tisvildeleje beach, and then the tour goes back to til Liseleje beach. This route is perfekt for swimming. After the tour, there are many good places to eat in Liseleje.

The route  is approx. 16 km long.

duration approx. 4 hours​.

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Roskilde Fjord Tour​

Roskilde Fjord is inlet, that separates  Hornsherred and Northern Zealand. By the inlets  southeast coast the town Roskilde is located, like the inlet it´s named after.

The tour starts in Selsø harbor, you will sail south, past  Gershøj.

 The southern part of Roskilde fjord is a fantastic ana beautiful route.  Roskilde fjord has a lot of historie from the viking age.

 The entire area is perfekt for kayaking

the route is approx . 12 km long.

duration approx. 3 hours

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