Package 4 - ​Arresø Tour Event

sail around in Arresø Lake.

This route takes place in  Auderød  located near Frederiksværk i Nordsjælland.

 Everyone will get a breif, but thorough instruction in how a luxury pedal kayaks function, before departure.

After the introduction the trip goes out on the  Denmarks biggest lake  Arresø, for the  first activity of the day.

There will be  a 3D archery course that all participants must complet .

 Here you get the opportunity to  take down every from bears to full sized crocodiles.

Then we sail to the camp , which is the last stop.

You can also choose to among our other activities according to your wishes.

This event kan be booked with or without catering

​Comfort package 1

Minimum 10 people.

Price: kr. 1.800,- + VAT pr. person

Sail to til the 3D archery course. 

All the participates will get their own pedal kayak. 

All the participates has to go though the 3D archery course. 

Sail back.

Beverages kan be purchased though out the event. 

Event time  approx. 4 hours.

​Comfort package 2

Minimum 10 people.

Price: kr. 1.800,- + VAT pr. person

Sail to the  Combat archery course. 

Fight against each other in combat Archery. 

Sail back.

Beverages can be purchased though out the event.


​Event time approx. 4 hours

​Comfort package 3

Minimum 10 people.

Price: kr. 4.200,- + VAT pr. person.

Sail to the archery courses 

All the participates go though the  3D archery course

Kayak race. 

outdoor cooking as an activity. 


Free beverages though out the event. 

Big Camp. 

3 meals over the open fire.

Event time approx. 10 hours


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About  Comfort Adventures

Comfort Adventures is a company that arranges Teambuilding Events

and rents out sit on top pedal kayaks.

The advantage of these kayaks is that after 5 minuts instruction you are ready for departure.

That means that almost everyone can sail in these kayaks. 

Also children over 150cm accompanied by an adult person. 

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Comfort Adventures

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