Package 5​- Hvideklint Tour / Kayak adventures

This route starts by  Hvide Klint i Frederiksværk​.

You can experience Dan steel  looking in wards from the sea.

We will sail past Frederiksværk harbor,  were it will be possible to swim by  Hanehoved.

Then the voyage continues to  Frederiksværk channel.

Then we sail back to Hvide klint.

This route is a perfect for a family trip.

max. 20 people.


This route takes 2 hours. 

Vi offer alternative sailing routes  depending on the weather.

tickets kan be purchased on eller book on or call  51 54 15 65.

Remember practical clothes , it is a good ideer to bring an extra set of clothes. 

There is plenty of space in the kayaks. there is a waterproof compartment for personal belongings.

This Tour is open from 1-5- 23 to 1-9 -23. 

The tickets can be booked every week until wednesday at 6 pm.

  • there is a tour guide on this tour.
  • All the kayaks are equipped with life jackets.
  • 5 minuts instruction and we are ready to go.
  • bring an extra set of clothes.  and 1 or 2 bottles of water.
  • All sailing is at your own resonsibility.
  • Remember a hat, swimwear. bringing snacks is a good idea.


Event time, approx. 2 hours​

Price: kr. 850,- ​ incl. VAT (pr. person)

On Visit Nordsjælland you can read more about  "Hvideklint Tour" and buy tickets  on BilletExpressen.

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About  Comfort Adventures

Comfort Adventures is a company that arranges Teambuilding Events

and rents out sit on top pedal kayaks.

The advantage of these kayaks is that after 5 minuts instruction you are ready for departure.

That means that almost everyone can sail in these kayaks. 

Also children over 150cm accompanied by an adult person. 

Fill in the contact form for more information.

Comfort Adventures

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